It's ALL Gonna Work Out!

I was writing in my journal recently and I was talking to God about how it seems like everything just doesn’t go right at the same time!! I was frustrated lol can you relate???

After praying and finishing up in my journal...I realized that it was a false narrative I created in my mind about my life. I needed to change my FOCUS and renew my mind! There is POWER in the name of Jesus!!!



I believe ALLLLLLLL these things will be added unto me!!!! In the time, season, and manner in which God says so! So if you’re a control freak/OCD/crazy person like me lol trust that God is gonna work it ALLLLLLLLL OUT!!!! Speak those things which are not as though they already are! Walk into your increase, walk into your healing, walk into your new opportunities! You win!!


February 09, 2023 — Krystal Lee



Siobhan said:

Confirmation! Thank you!

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