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Learn how I created my first t-shirt business with $0!

This step by step guide tells you everything you need to know about starting an online t-shirt business.
  • 1. Learn how to create t-shirt designs, find t-shirt companies, t-shirt printers, learn how to communicate with them like a pro and much more! 
  • 2. Find your niche and sell to your ideal customer.
  • 3. Create your brand identity.
  • 4. Learn from three successful entrepreneurs killing it in the t-shirt game. Get a full analysis on who their core audience is, what they are doing to stand out from the competition and more!
  • Case studies include: Daughter Of The King Royal Tee, Never Sold Dope and Young Fly and Saved 
    • +Extra tips and advice on how you can be successful at selling t-shirts online.

What are people saying?

"I finally finished your book this morning with a lot of note taking. Thank you for all of your advice. I feel like I have a lot of resources that I had no idea about prior to reading your book. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge." - @tashat_84

"This was an amazing book and I learned a lot from reading it! Thank you so much for caring enough to help others reach their goals and dreams. May God bless you in everything that you do!" - @authenticity_10

I love it! So much info and I'm not even on the second chapter yet! I've skipped so many steps. So glad I haven't launched yet. - Tyrika M

I downloaded your book and although I've been sitting on my ideas for a while I must say today I punched fear in the face and announced to my FB family & friends my first venture -- my brand. Thanks for the last kick in the - @ _sunne

Thank you so much Krystal for putting the E-Book together. I love that it is so simple to get and just shut up and start the business. God bless you - @resultsbyremonde

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