Girl + God Wealth and Money Planner

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Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck when you KNOW that God has more for you? God did not create you to just pay bills and die.

Hear me. 

God already gave you everything that you need. It's time to make the foundational changes to improve your finances and your quality of life!

There are no excuses why you can’t do what God is calling you to do even when you don’t have the money and resources. 

Today, I want you to stop allowing your job, your failed relationship, your mindset, and what other people say or think about you to stop you from abundant living.

What are people saying?

Your Money Journal Includes:
    • Money assessment to see where you currently are.
    • Wealth affirmations
    • A prayer and scriptures for increase and debt release.
    • Money games and savings challenges
    • Checks and balances
    • Daily spending accountability tracker
    • Monthly calendar 
    • Dateless
    • (TRAINING COURSES ARE INCLUDED) Your book includes your course log-in to get instant access to this life changing info! Masterclass w/ Celebrity Money Manager Jini Thornton and Pastor Vincent Thomas Jr. w/ Krystal Lee.
    • Downloadable Money Tools: debt worksheet, budget worksheet, daily spending worksheet, and more!
    • Tips to help you start a new business, side hustle, plus helpful resources to help you get to the bag💰!