Embrace who you are and all that God created you to be with no apologies!


She is clothed in strength and dignity & she laughs without fear of the future.


Quality products and positive vibes.

Just received my Girl + God journal and love it! Thank you - Marie Lovely Davis

A breath
of fresh air!

This is my favorite brand. I have to fight with my daughter about taking my t-shirts. I love them all! - Khristina Fennel

So inspirational...

Positive messages, transparency, so motivating, viewing life from a different light, inspirational and I look forward to their daily post on IG - Melissa Gravely Ross



A woman of God never impresses others at the expense of her relationship with God. She looks only to Him for approval and validation. Never forget: YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Stop hiding and stop shrinking. The world is waiting on the authentic YOU.

Being a Girl + God is about living your purpose-driven life, in style. What does being a Girl + God mean to you?