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Girl + God is a trendy and forward-thinking Christian apparel company and top community for women. We are committed to helping Christian women live on purpose through fashion, inspiration, and resources. Our ultimate goal is to help you realize your full potential through relationship with God.

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Hey Girl, HEY!

I'm Krystal Lee, the CEO of Girl + God. I am so blessed to be able to serve over 100k women through this amazing community. Just in case you don't know me, I am a multi-media personality, entrepreneur, speaker, purpose coach, and most importantly YOUR biggest cheerleader! My mission is to continue leading women to Christ and fostering a safe, fun, and healthy space for us to grow together. I created this community simply because I was always so afraid to live out loud and be my authentic self for fear that I wouldn't be accepted as a real "Christian Woman." I'm sure we've all felt that like that before, right? As I transitioned from hip hop radio to gospel radio, I noticed that I didn't walk, talk, or dress like the traditional "church girl," and I wanted to help challenge the misconceptions and social norms of following Christ through my brand. God is calling his daughters to be ALL that he created us to be - UNAPOLOGETICALLY, and Girl + God is committed to helping you along your journey through our community! Welcome, GODsister. xoxo

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