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Don't Let Your Food Get Cold....

Don't Let Your Food Get Cold....

Don't let your food get cold watching someone else's plate. So... for the folks in the back, that means....stop worrying about what everybody else is doing and focus on your portion! This is ESPECIALLY tough in this social media age. Everybody looks like they got it all the way together and if you're not careful you will start comparing yourself and feeling bad about where you are on your journey. Remember, comparison is the thief of joy!

Social media is a highlight reel. Most people aren't showing when they are broke, when the relationship is bad, or when they didn't get the job. Remember everybody has a journey and you may be watching somebody on chapter 20 and you're still on Chapter 2. That's why you can't take your focus off what God is calling you to do. Sometimes it's necessary to fast from social media to help renew your mind. I try to limit my scrolling on IG and some days I just post and completely delete the app. This helps me to keep my peace.

Your journey will not be the same as anybody else's. Just be thankful for your portion, stay faithful, enjoy the journey and watch God do something BIG!!!

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Amen!!! Praise God for this message, continue to let him use you ladies and this company to grow his kingdom.


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