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THIS is your reminder!

THIS is your reminder!

If you've been struggling at all lately, this is for you... "God is not punishing you, he's building you."⁠

Tough times suck, by no means is it fun to struggle, feel stuck or be unhappy BUT in those times it's important to remember God's word.⁠

We are women of God and we need to stand tall and be strapped in armor no matter what may be going on around us. We have peace, not from worldly things or situations but from knowing that God loves us and is preparing us for the next season.⁠

If you've been struggling in any way, know that God is busy working on you. In order to grow, you got to get a little find peace in the process and remember that this is just the building phase...soon you will be in position but must prepare!⁠

Send this to A WOMAN OF GOD and remind her that God isn't done working on her yet!⁠

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