What frustrates you the MOST about your journey with God?

Hey GODsisters! We started this convo on IG and it has over 400 amazing comments. We want to keep this dialogue going because it has helped so many women!

Not only that, we want to see what we can do to support you. Of course you can always send prayer requests to hello@girlplusgod.com but we want to know (HONESTLY) what frustrates you on this journey? What do you wish was different?

Join the convo in the comments AND make sure you become apart of our FB community (click the link to join) so that we can uplift and encourage each other.

You are NOT alone in this journey. Following God is not always easy, and you need to be surrounded by like-minded women who ain't gone judge and try to over preach you.

We'll see you there, GODsis! Love you. 



August 22, 2021 — Krystal Lee


Dorothy (Dot)

Dorothy (Dot) said:

I am so grateful for this platform on Facebook, this is what I like talking about (God). Nothing really frustrates me about God, I just sometimes don’t understand why he allows some things to happen. Very good friend of mine for over forty years was found murdered in a ditch like a dog, a good person with three young adult children and a grandson, can’t figure this one out, I’ve loss a lot of family members, but this was a different feel, don’t understand why, I’ve been knowing God all my life!

Vanessa House

Vanessa House said:

I sometimes feel like God doesn’t hear me when I feel like I need Him most. I know He “sees and hears” but it doesn’t stop me from feeling that way in my day to day struggles. It can be so heavy some times. I lost my Mom last year and other loved ones and the weight of sadness is overwhelming.

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