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First Ladies of Atlanta: Latoya Williams

First Ladies of Atlanta: Latoya Williams

First Lady Latoya Williams

Godsisters, we asked, YOU ANSWERED! 

We posted on our Instagram asking our sisters to tag their amazing First Ladies in the Atlanta area.  

First, we would like to introduce Latoya Williams. She is the First Lady of the New Life International Family Church. We contacted her to get an inside scoop on what this role means to her and her advice for women of all ages. 

How do you manage to live a healthy lifestyle and stay motivated?

My healthy lifestyle has come, unfortunately, from the force of the expense of having health challenges. While I am a psychotherapist by profession and teach and coach people into healthy well-being, good health has been my last priority in the past. Having been diagnosed with diabetes for years now and then having some complications with medication has been the motivation I needed to change. I simply got tired of living defeated in my body, my mind, and my spirit. So, I did something about it. I sought the guidance of an alternative medicine center and I have been on a journey of healing and wholeness. So, the desire to live well is what motivates me every day. And yes it gets difficult, but I remember how I used to feel compared to how I feel now and that is an amazingly transformational feeling. Honestly, the management of my healthy lifestyle is not always "on point". I fail often, but I have charged myself to give myself grace and space to grow, learn, and be a better me every day.

How do you enjoy your free time?

I enjoy my free time filled with lots of sleep! Lol! I love to sleep! Additionally, I love going to the movies, spending time with my husband and son, and traveling internationally.

What advice would you give to women new in their walk with Christ?

My advice to women who are new in their walk with Christ is to make sure you develop such a relationship with God that nobody or nothing can coerce you away from Him. Often times, we as women, spend a lot of time caring for and about other people or caring about what other people think. Inadvertently, we begin to allow those other people and things to influence our thinking, beliefs, and sometimes even our relationship with God. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OR NO ONE that can take His place, do what He does, or love as He loves. So, we must always make that relationship paramount. Our relationship with God makes all other relationships postured for success and victory.

Tell us what a day in your life looks like and how you keep God in the center.

OMG!!!!! So here we go: My days start around 5:00 am with prayer. I usually join a prayer call during the weekday mornings as much as I can and then I lead the prayer call about twice a month. After that, I'm getting dressed while listening to worship music, which I love. This really helps me start my day, center myself, and find a place of peace and renewed purpose for the day. Next is the commute of taking my son to school. Our commute is about 45 minutes to an hour in the mornings and we start the commute by saying our prayers, thanking God for the day, and commanding our day. I love sharing this moment with my 16-year-old son and he is not ashamed to share it with me. That makes me very happy. After dropping him off at school and always parting with "I love you, man! Have a great day!", then is my commute to work which is another 45 minutes or more. During this time is when I'm talking to those that I love. Number one in the bunch is my mother. I always spend my commute catching up and sharing God's love and amazing laughs with my mom, my brother, and my sister-friends on my morning commute. Once I get to work its pretty much nonstop. Throughout the day, I take moments here and there to breath, meditate, and depending on the severity of my stress that day, possibly have a "come to Jesus" meeting with me and Jesus. Lol! I also try to sneak in some Spotify Worship while I'm at my desk. All of these things are sporadic, as I don't have a schedule for when all of this occurs. But without fail, I put God on His throne in my life and in my day on a daily basis. Honestly, I'm not sure how I would be able to maneuver without him or my time with Him. Sometimes, that time is more limited than others, but regardless of the amount, I try my best to MAKE time for us. And when I realize we haven't had it; I quickly stop and take a personal privilege of spending time with Him.

Fashion changes all the time, what staple items you think every woman should own?

A black dress and some pearls!

We have a pretty big girl + God audience, for the ladies in your area looking for a church home why should they consider joining your church?

Well, our church (New Life International Family Church) is an amazing ministry that seeks to provide an atmosphere where people can experience and encounter God. We are adamant about allowing God to create an atmosphere of worship that postures us to hear Him and experience Him so we can be better Christians and believers. We have an amazing music ministry which always leads us into his presence; sometimes whether you want to go or not. Lol! But we would love that have anyone in the area to visit us. And after ALL of the hugs you'll get when you dart the door, please make sure you come so I can get my hug too. 

Contact Information:

Instagram: @DrLKWilliams


Church Address: 

New Life International Family Church 

6133 Redan Rd. 

Lithonia, GA 30058

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I absolutely love having the privilege and honor of working with Dr Williams ,she simply amazing . Awesome church family as well !!! . She is my “work office pastor” and keeps me Saved , Sanctity and Holy Ghost filled with power on the daily 😂

Wanda Cupitt

That’s my First Lady—mom #2 as I affectionately call her! 😍 Thanks for putting her in your blog! And I like her love God + girl! Keep doing great things! ❤️

Tanisha Holmes

I absolutely loved this blog & your brand! Keep doing spectacular things!

Alicia Littles

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